Ō Mātou Kōrero

Our Members’ Stories.

Timebanking weaves a rich tapestry of social connections.

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Ō Mātou Kōrero

Our Members’ Stories

Timebank Taranaki has been a rich source of community for me.

I have only been a member for about 7 months now but have already interacted with so many new people in my community. Several friends were members before I joined and hearing about their trades was so inspiring. I joined for a couple of reasons: I wanted to meet new people and make new friends, and I wanted to share the skills I had been using in my business, which I was wrapping up. I put up offers for 3 areas of skills I could share and immediately had several people interested in me helping them create websites. I met and worked with several of them within the first few months and now two of them are up and running with theirs! Both are small businesses that would otherwise not have been able to afford to have the websites they do. This gives them a stronger presence for their business and hopefully means they can flourish. Because I had earned some hours quite quickly, I was looking at what I could trade them for. Initially I was hoping to find someone to help me with my vege patch and had a woman help weed the garden on a few occasions - sometimes along-side me. It was a lovely way to get to know someone and now I often run into her around town. The Taranaki Timebank runs a "speed meeting" session from time to time and after attending one of those, I also met someone who is now a friend. She did some dog sitting for me through Timebank and we found we had a lot in common so started spending time together. The range of skills I've been able to find in Timebank is amazing - I've had haircuts, fresh pasta, and reiki! I look forward to deepening my connection with the organisation and members with future get togethers. Having Timebank in our community makes us all richer and allows us to feel good about sharing our skills with others. It's an incredible resource and the people running it put a lot of effort into engaging members and growing the community. We appreciate it!

Timebank has been an imperative part of my life over the last few years.

Without the affordability to get adequate support with my relationship, and the ordeal going through winz doctors and referrals, Timebank has been essential and of relative simplicity. An offer posted on Timebank for relationship counselling, which I responded to, has impacted the quality of life for my family, partner, my children and definately myself. I have been learning skills that enhance listening, connection and communication. These used to be huge hurdles and am appreciative of this opportunity. Also, my son has been on the waiting list at Big Brother and Big Sister for 3 years. Due to the lack of male mentors we requested even a female mentor but they don't allow it. Desperate and with patience exhausted it so happened that Timebank could remedy this problem. Behold, there was an offer of babysitting 3 months ago, I phoned the lady and asked if she would be willing to be a support or mentor for my son. Hooray she said yes. 2 months later my son is baking, going different places and engaged in different activities all thanks to Timebank. My son is grateful as so am I.

What I love about TimeBank is that it takes away the stigma of asking for help.

I joined TimeBank late last year and became so passionate about it that I decided to take on the role of the Waitara TimeBank coordinator. What I love about TimeBank is that it takes away the stigma of asking for help. I have had some very tough times in my life and was always reluctant to ask for help. Knowing that I could pay back or pay forward the help would have made asking much easier. To me, TimeBank is about bringing back a sense of community-similar to that we had 40 years ago - where we all knew our neighbours and would help each other out. I have had some great trades, I love that I can do something I love, like baking, and in return get somebody to do a job that I don't enjoy, or just don't have the skills to do (like fixing my fence). During my time as coordinator I have met many amazing, kind people that are wanting to help others and are looking for an outlet to do this. I hope to see TimeBank continue to flourish in Taranaki bringing back the unity in CommUNITY. Nga mihi nui.

We have a Timebank partnership.

Mike & I have a Timebank Partnership - I do the organisation and he does the physical work. We’ve always believed in giving or trading goods & services where possible, in preference to using money. Timebank is an extension of this belief - trading time for work done then using that time to get help ourselves. It’s always harder to ask for help, but Timebank allows us to do so in hundreds of ways, whether for gardening help, practical advice or skills such as baking, and many more. It’s always interesting to see the range of skills offered. We are a talented community and it’s great to be able to share these with each other. The gift of time is invaluable. - Shonagh

Timebank is great - I like the idea of swapping/using/giving labour for work done purely on a time spent basis without the intermediation of money or assumed obligation. For me it gives me a chance to meet new and interesting people and do things I perhaps would not be doing at the same scope at home - Also gives me a chance to be helpful or useful doing things I know how to do for anyone that is unable (for whatever reason) to do for themselves. - Mike

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